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ODM BIZ Overview

당사는 상품기획, 디자인, 기구 설계를 포함하여 Embedded Linux 기반 HW, SW 설계 역량을 기반으로 고객사에게 다양한

제품 설계 및 관련 개발 서비스를 제공하며 ODM 제조관리 전문성을 바탕으로 생산과 품질이 검증된 EMS 업체와 협업체계를

구축하여 고객사가 요청한 제품을 적시에 개발 및 공급하는 전문적인 ODM Business 체계를 운영하고 있습니다.

ODM 공급 절차





WAVEON / EMS Factory


Phase 3

Production approval
by Buyer
Production Approval &
Ship to Buyer

Phase 1

RFP Release
Product Dev.
[ex. 6 months]

Phase 2

Development approval
by Buyer
Dev. approval
& Production
SMT Progress
Assembly Progress
Quality Progress
Function Test
1st OQC
Audit by waveon
Function Test
2nd OQC
Audit by Buyer

ODM Business Overview

ODM Business[Original Design Manufacturing]


We, WAVEON provide our customers with the finished products as per customer’s technical request after proceed the design and artwork and HW, SW development based on our own R&D performance and manufactured products at the reliable standard of our own quality management system in terms of massive and even various type of product development requests by customers.

ODM Project Business

RFP by Customer
e-mail / Off-line
Meeting Customer
e-mail / Off-line
Quote by waveon
Project signing by Customer
H/W Dev. 2nd
Event Review
OS Porting & Test App Design
H/W Debug & Test Result
H/W Dev. 1st
Event Review
Project Start
R&D Start/ SPEC Fix
Customer Application
Development Support
Pre-Production &
Review for Quality
Quality Report & Approval notice by Customer
Mass Production &
Delivery to Customer

ODM Project Process

 1. Product development, Mass production procedure

     The cost for the product development requested by customers will be decided by the agreement with customers.

     HW, SW development such as OS porting, test application will be duly supported

     and the continuous technical support will be duly carried out after product launch.


 2. Working Sample stage

     After product development,

     the initial product samples will be prepared for internal test and customer’s review purpose.

     The working samples will be redefined after the function & reliability test results for the improvement to the next stage.

     The standard of specs and design for working samples shall be previously discussed with customers based on the initial

     requirement, and afterward,

     the improved samples will be duly prepared based On the root cause of defect from the initial test results

     with the corrective actions.


      1) H/W development, OS Porting & Test Application development

          H/W development, OS porting and test application will be duly developed, and test application is the source code

          that customer requires to develop the actual application as per H/W design.


      2) OS Porting & test application development

          The simple version of test code will be duly provided to customers in case that customers require using GUI,

          but it is also required for customers supply the related H/W for test code programming.

3.  Customer Service Management

     We, WAVEON manage the customer service after provide our product and required development deliverables

     with customers based on our own customer claim management process.

     The technical support will be duly carried out even after launch of our product and the hand-over of development

     deliverables, but if any type of major change on H/W or SW is requested after launch, there will be the discussion

     procedure on the development cost with customers.

4.Customer Service Management

     Customer Claim Management Process(CS)

Process | Development to Mass Production



Key Technology for ODM Project Development

1. System S/W Technology

    1) OS Design

        Embedded Linux Kernel related technology

        Windows CE .net related technology

        Android related technology

        uClinux related technology

        RTEMS, FreeRTOS related technology

        Fast Boot, Xenomai related technology


    2) Device Driver Design

        Wired / wireless Network related technology(WI-FI, BlueTooth, CDMA, WCDMA, LTE)

        USB Master/Slave related technology

        Video, Audio related technology

        CMOS camera related technology

        MTD related technology

        Serial communication related technology

        RFID/NFC related technology

        HID related technology

        Filesystem Design related technology


    3) User Program Design

        Image processing Program Design

        CVM(classic virtual machine) Design

        X-window based DirectFB

        Basic Flash Player(GPL Flash)

        Embedded Data Base Program Design

        Multimedia(MPEG, H.264) Player Design

        GUI Program Design(GTK, QT)



Smart KIDS Watch Phone with 3G

Specification 1
Specification 2

All-in-one Taxi Monitoring Device

all-in-one taxi monitoring.png
Specification 1
Specification 2

Android Tablet PC with Skincare

4.WAVEON.Tablet PC.png
Specification 1
Specification 2

GPS Car Tracker

1.WAVEON.GPS Car tracker.png

GPS Personal Tracker

2.Waveon.GPS Personal Tracker.png
Specification 1
Specification 2

Car Dash Cam with Radar Detection

5.WAVEON. Black box.png
Specification 1
Specification 2
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